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NOITE DE EXTERMÍNIO ⸺ Masacre, Goat Semen & Bloody Vengeance live in Leipzig
MASACRE are the undisputed kings of South American death metal.
Formed in 1988 in Medellín, Colombia this band is the by-product of an age of nihilism and extreme violence. Masacre was a reaction to the cancer of their days: a nationwide plague of mass-murder, narcoterrorism and guerrilla warfare.
Side-by-side with acts like Danger, Parabellum, Reencarnaciόn and Astaroth they spearheaded a movement that became known as Ultra Metal Medallo – a primitive and brutal sound that would be immortalised in Victor Gaviria’s 1990 film, Rodrigo D: No Futuro. In aftermath of the narco-wars of the 1990s, frontman Alex Okendo’s voice has become synonymous with the screams of a lost generation.
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Much like the name, GOAT SEMEN is one of the most extreme bands in living memory.
Formed in Lima, Peru in 2000 Goat Semen would quickly become one of South America’s most coveted metal exports with the release of its demos South American Terrorist Black Death Destruction (2000), Goat Semen (2003) and the universally praised Devotos del Diablo, a split release with Anal Vomit.
The band’s sound is as much a product of its influences as its surroundings. The ‘Warfare Noise’ of bands like Sarcofago, Holocausto and Chakal would combine with Blasphemy, Beherit and Hellhammer to channel the realities of growing up in the middle of a violent civil war. The incessant battery, the lacerating guitars, bomb sirens and rabid wails of vocalist Erick Neyra create a sense of shellshock and authenticity unmatched by other bands in their genre.
By the release of Goat Semen’s debut Ego Sum Satanas in 2015, the band was already legendary in underground circles and was quickly signed by US label Hell’s Headbangers. After performing at Finland’s Black Flames of Blasphemy in 2015, the band embarked on a headlining European tour four years later.
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BLOODY VENGEANCE are the best kept secret in German deathcore and will officially release the vinyl treatment of „Destruição Nuclear“ – which got recently released by none other than infamous Nuclear War Now! Productions – on this evening!
This demo was one of the few post 1995 recordings that was able to recapture the forgotten black magic of Cogumelo era mid 80s MG Brazil. You can smell the ancient death of Bonfim cemetery as they hammer out their warfare noises! Make way for DEATH!!!
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WO: Soltmann | Riemannstraße 40, 04107 Leipzig
DOORS: 19.00 Uhr
START: 20.00 Uhr
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